‘O, what a fall was there, my countrymen!’

Posted: February 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time, human beings were like trees. They had deep roots. While Adam’s heirs were gradually civilizing, it struck them that they could fly if they had wings. They wanted to break free; they wished to be adventurous.

Education gave them wings. They started to fly. They could pack their roots and keep them in a secret chamber of their hearts, fly to some distant world, land again, and root themselves back to the ground. Adam’s heirs were growing – stronger and smarter. They soon became the most supreme species of this planet. At least their successors would claim so. They had reached the peak too soon. There was always a fear of fall.

They branched out their understandings and philosophy into subjects of interest. From Mathematics to poetry, astrology to physics, they spread their knowledge like wild fire. The fire had glory; it had majestic flames. But destiny had secretly demanded ashes, and the flames had to be extinguished. While they still enjoy their own glory, they fail to perceive the gloom around them. They became smarter than their creator. They tried to overpower nature. Little did they know about nature’s power to evolve, the power to give birth to a supreme species and the power to make them extinct. Their smartness introduced in them, a sense of hollow pride, and an air of arrogance. Through the crevasses of over-smart skulls, crept in stupidity.

By the time they would realize, stupidity would have poisoned them and their successors. Brains, by then, would have become a rudimentary organ. That brain, which made them human, would have made them no dumber than their smart gadgets. Their thoughts would gradually fade away with their inabilities to think. They would smile, but wouldn’t perceive any reason to. They would cry, but the tears would be as material as their desires. Emotions would have been flushed out of their souls by then.

While I narrate to you about a dreaded future of a smart species, I must tell you how the decline started. It was a subtle way of evolutionary erosion. A bloody son of rational thought once injected the virus of machine obsession. It wasn’t a very destructive thought, but the smart species acted too smart. They tied to replace all their abilities with machine-driven performances. Their reliance on machines only increased with each passing day. They trusted machines more than the ones who drove it. The tool became important, not the driver. The driven had no brain, and the driver was stolen.

You would be astonished to know that members of the same species played tricks to misguide others. They handed over weapons and asked them to fight against each other. They said it was revolution. They revolted with pride and might. But they just didn’t know what they were revolting against. One bloody son of consumer fetishism introduced the obsession of buying. Everyone started buying, but none knew the purpose of their purchase. Luxury became an ambition, and ambition became a luxury.

One fine day, it occurred to them that their roots were a burden. It was not of any worth to possess roots anymore. They became ‘modern’. Fucking modern! They raised their swords and cut off their roots as an act of trendy sophistication. They threw away their roots into a dustbin of wise boredom. I told you, human beings were like trees. It was that day I realized human beings are actually like trees. Why? Because when they cut their roots off, I could see them fall. They were all high on their exotic and erotic fantasies. They didn’t get time to look into the mirror. But I did see, as I can clearly visualize …. with my eyes wide open I saw them fall.

“O, what a fall was there, my countrymen!

Then I, and you, and all of us fell down,

Whilst bloody treason flourished over us.

Oh, now you weep, and, I perceive, you feel

The dint of pity. These are gracious drops.”

As I narrate to you this secret tragic tale of a smart species, I feel much grieved by their fate. I narrate to you without inhibition because I know you aren’t a member of that species. I could have felt the fear of being attacked by the members of the fallen species, but let me tell you, they don’t read anymore. For them, education is a luxury. For them, reading is a waste of time. So I am safe. They won’t read this, ever. While we shed our tears for their tragic fate, they are busy dancing in discos and night clubs.

Now that I have told you the secret story, I hope you’ll stay aware of members of that species. If any messenger of lucrative provocations ever tries to ruin your dynasty as they did to human beings, resist him. Now that you know how the human beings have fallen, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and your successors from such disgrace. It’s always better to act today than to react tomorrow.


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